Uveitis- Red Eyes

Uveitis is a medical condition affecting the eyes. The inner tissue lining of the eyes is known as the Uvea. The inflammation of uveal tissue lining is termed as uveitis. The condition can affect vision as they may spread to the lens, retina and optic nerves of the eyes. This can lead to the degeneration of tissue and eventually progressive to loss of vision. If left untreated, the patient may lose complete vision and end up in blindness. It is important to consult a doctor even for minor irritation of the eyes. Early diagnosis of the condition offers quick treatment that prevents the spread of inflammation to other parts of the eyes.

Ayurveda for Uveitis

Causes of Uveitis

The major cause of uveitis is considered an autoimmune disorder in which the immune system attacks our self. Other causes include an infection, an inflammatory disorder in the body or formation of tumours can also cause inflammation in the eye.

Symptoms of Uveitis

  • The most common symptoms of uveitis include:
  • Eye pain and redness
  • Blurred vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Whitish area in front of the iris
  • Decreased vision.
  • Watering

Ayurvedic treatment of uveitis

Ayur Bethaniya Ayurveda Hospital offers safe and effective ayurvedic treatment for eye care for patients suffering from inflammation of Uvea. We treat the root cause of the condition and incorporate treatment approaches that bring in balance and harmony in the doshas in the body. The treatment plan is customized depending on the cause of the condition and health condition of the patients and includes purification of the body through panchakarma procedures to eradicate the disease permanently. Simultaneously various ayurvedic decoctions are also administered that have anti-inflammatory properties to relief for a longer duration. The treatment period depends upon the patient’s condition and may range from 3 to 6 months.

If not treated properly, there are chances they may reoccur causing permanent vision loss. At Ayur Bethaniya Ayurveda Hospital, we take extreme care and precautions for completely eradicating the condition from the body. This requires the patient willingness to follow the diet plan and medications as prescribed by the ayurvedic physician. The treatment technique along with herbal medications completely eradicates the root cause of uveitis from the body.

The patient is also instructed to avoid bright light and to wear dark glasses if required to go out in sunlight. A customized diet plan has to be followed that do not aggravate the doshas in the body and increase the risk of reoccurrence of the condition. At Ayur Bethaniya Ayurveda Hospital, the patient benefits from getting treated for Uveitis as they completely eradicate the condition from the body and also take measures to prevent the reoccurrence of the condition. For any queries related to the treatment approach for Uveitis and to discuss the treatment options with our ayurvedic physician, book an appointment now.

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