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Ayurveda Treatment

Arthritis – An Ayurvedic Perspective

It is estimated that over 400 million people around the world suffer from arthritis. Arthritis is a word of Greek origin and literally means ‘Joint-Inflammation’. There are many types of arthritis, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylitis and even psoriatic arthritis. Since the medications that reduce the pain of arthritis also can have severe side effects, many people are looking into alternative, holistic approaches to arthritis.

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Ayurveda Hospital in Kerala

Ayurveda treatment method originated in the Indian subcontinent thousands of years ago has been the most natural way of treating ailments. As the name indicates, Ayurveda is truly life science that will rejuvenate your body. It will give you a re-energized body and mind.

Ayurveda therapeutic methods use natural substances, oils, and herbal medications. Therefore, it will not have any side effects on the body. Recognizing the extensive benefits of Ayurveda, people across the globe choose ayurvedic treatment over other methods. The treatment will not only cure the ailment but also will be beneficial for your body. 

Kerala is considered as the hub of Ayurvedic treatment in India. People from across the globe flock in for Ayurveda treatment in Kerala for different medical problems and diseases. However, the fame the state acquired has resulted in the mushrooming of numerous clinics offering Ayurveda treatment for ailments. Therefore, we advise you to consult only authorized Ayurvedic medical practitioners and reputed Ayurveda centres for the treatments. 

Ayur Bethaniya remains as one of the trusted Ayurveda hospitals in Kerala where thousands of satisfied customers have been treated and cured with holistic treatment methodologies and authentic herbal medicines. We have a panel of experienced doctors, who have expertise in Ayurvedic therapeutic methods. We formulate the medications, course of treatment, and course of medicines only after examining the patient thoroughly. The patient’s physical condition, medical and familial history and accumulation of doshas will be analyzed prior to commencing the treatment.

Traditional Kerala Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda considers that the human body is a part of nature. And the body contains three doshas/ toxins, viz. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha in equilibrium. The imbalance in the equilibrium is the cause of ailments. The Ayurveda medicines, along with diet control and physical exercise or yoga, are prescribed to expel the excess dosha and regain the equilibrium.

Ayur Bethaniya being one of the leading Ayurveda hospitals in Kerala, India has carefully organized authentic traditional treatment patterns and infrastructure facilities to take proper care of the patients and ensure early revival. We have exclusively designed Ayurvedic treatment methods for Stroke, Arthritis,PCOD, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Psoriasis, Cervical Spondylosis, Motor Neuron Disease, Parkinson’s disease etc kind of Neuro,Ortho ,Spine and Skin related medical conditions.

We will undertake a detailed examination of the patient for ascertaining the root cause of the problem before commencing the treatment. Our doctors will analyze the lab results, medical reports, MRI Scan (wherever necessary) and discuss to pinpoint the exact reason for the disease. Thereby, an effective treatment method could be prepared.

Diseases and Treatment Methodologies

Ayur Bethaniya focuses on removing the dosha from the body through herbal medicines, oils, dietary regulations, and exercises. We have excellent facilities and experienced professionals for Ayurveda treatment methods including Panchakarma treatment

The following is the process followed by Ayur Bethaniya for the diagnosis and conclusion of cause for the medical problem and the subsequent treatment.

Medical Examination – The panel of doctors at Ayur Bethaniya will study the patient, including hereditary conditions, medical history, degree of severity, and other relevant aspects. In normal circumstances, this will aid them to locate the root cause of the disease. The patient will be directed for further lab tests, MRI scans, and other medical tests to pinpoint the cause of the ailment.

Analysis of the Symptoms – The symptoms by the patient will be a factor that will clearly indicate the level of accumulation of doshas and cause of the problem. By carefully analyzing the symptoms, the doctors will formulate the way ahead for ayurvedic treatment.

Physical Condition – The course of treatment could be fixed based on the physical condition of the patient only. A paralyzed patient cannot be prescribed physical activities to enhance blood circulation that will help detoxification from the body. Similarly, the condition of the patient matters whilst preparing the treatment plan. The medicines, dietary regulations, and exercise will be balanced in such a way to ensure the best result.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda primarily aims at the well-being of the patient. The herbal medicines will eliminate the medical problem/ disease, as well as, rejuvenate the body and mind. Unlike most of the other treatment methods, Ayurveda medicines don’t have any side effects. Neither those have to be followed for a longer period. Once, you have completed the course of treatment and cured, you don’t have to pursue any further medication. However, the doctors will advise you to change lifestyle and dietary control for a healthy life.

The additional benefits of Ayurveda include the following:

- Regaining the balance of doshas in the body

- Improves blood circulation, thus energizing body cells

- Enhances overall health

- Boosts digestion process 

- Helpful in reclaiming the physical strength

- Stamina enhancement

- Strengthens the immune system

Why Ayur Bethaniya?

If you are looking for an Ayurveda hospital in Kerala which provides holistic Ayurvedic therapies to cure your disease, Ayur Bethaniya is the ultimate solution. We have been one of the pioneers, who have established the best Ayurveda treatment centres in Kerala, with excellent amenities for our inpatients. Ayur Bethaniya is an NABH accredited hospital,which assures the best available treatments and services.We have a holistic approach ,where we combine special herbal internal Ayurvedic medicines, external Ayurvedic panchakarma treatments,Yoga and Meditation, Physiotherapy and Marma therapy. We do all classical Ayurvedic panchakarma treatments in a traditional way. Our main attraction is the beautiful campus with nature’s blessings. You can enjoy the stay as in a resort, while undergoing the treatments. We offer you a luxurious stay in a serene green environment, at an affordable price. Carefully organizing the course of treatment, we ensure that the ailment is cured at the root level. Our skilled and experienced team of doctors and caring medical professionals will work tirelessly to eradicate your medical problem effectively and will give you psychological support during the treatment course.

Ayur Bethaniya Ayurveda hospital in Kerala also offers comprehensive Ayurveda packages for individuals seeking to destress and rejuvenate in this busy life. You can opt for the package most suitable to you. The uniquely designed packages are formulated in such a way that your soul, mind, and body are reenergized after the treatment at Ayur Bethaniya. Our outstanding record of accomplishment is the result of carefully researched Ayurvedic treatment methods. We are proud to be one of the leading Ayurveda treatment centres in Kerala.

Are you encountering a stressed life due to busy work schedules? Are you considering Ayurvedic treatment for you or any of your relatives? Do you want to discuss the treatment for an old physical ailment that has been bothering you for years?

To book an appointment, contact us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Ayurvedic medicine have side effects?

Ans : Ayurvedic medicines are made from natural ingredients such as herbs and minerals. If taken according to the instructions of an Ayurvedic doctor, these medicines are safe and do not have any significant side effects.

  1. Can allopathy and Ayurveda be taken together?

Ans: We generally don’t advise to immediately discontinue allopathic medicines if you are under treatment for any serious chronic illness.There is no harm in taking both types of medicines as long as you keep your Ayurvedic doctor informed.

  1. Do you use modern diagnostic services in your centers?

Ans: To get a better idea about the patient’s condition, we utilize modern diagnostic methods like blood tests,scanning etc. If required,the patient will be sent to the nearest hospital for scanning(USG,CT,MRI).

  1. Do I need to follow a vegetarian diet during Ayurvedic treatment?

Ans: Usually a vegetarian diet is recommended. While doing Ayurvedic treatments the digestive fire of a person can be less. It has to be utilized to digest both food and medicines.

  1. Whether Ayurvedic treatments are possible during menstruation?

Ans: During menstruation ,major Ayurvedic treatments are not advisable.

  1. Do I have to bring my medical reports during consultation?

Ans: Yes, you can either bring all relevant medical records or email us prior to the visit.

  1. Can I do Yoga everyday during treatment?

Ans: Yoga and meditation are part of our treatment program. They can be specific or general as the case may be. Doctors will include Yoga in your treatment course depending upon your condition and its compatibility with various Ayurvedic treatments.

  1. To which airport do I have to book my flight to and who will be there to pick me at the airport?

Ans: The Cochin International Airport (COK) is the nearest airport to our center. Pick up and drop to Cochin Airport is complimentary. Our staff will wait for you outside the airport terminal with a placard with your name on it.

  1. What is the duration for the treatment on each day? What do we do the rest of the day?

Ans: The duration of each treatment is 45 minutes and minimum 2 sessions of treatments will be scheduled each day. You have to take rest after treatments. Each room has Television. A multilingual library and garden with walking pathways are also available.

  1. What should we bring when we come there for treatments?

Ans: You should bring all the relevant medical reports and clothing and things for your daily personal use.

  1. Are there rooms with attached bathrooms?

Ans: Yes, All our rooms are attached with bathrooms and toilets.

  1. Which insurance company is associated with you?

Ans: We do not have tie up with any of the insurance companies. Hence cashless settlement of bill is not allowed.

  1. From which insurance company do we get the reimbursement?

Ans: As ours is an NABH accredited hospital, medi claim is applicable. You have to consult your insurance agents. We provide all the relevant documents for getting reimbursement on request. Please get the list of documents required from your insurance agent before coming for admission.

  1. Do you have separate masseurs for male/female patients?

Ans: Yes.

  1. What is the duration of the treatment?

Ans: Generally the duration of treatment is 3-4 weeks.However in chronic conditions and in progressive degenerative conditions the duration may be extended as per the recommendation of the physician attending the case.