Ayurvedic Therapies & Treatment Modalities

We offer two types of treatments :

  • Samana (Curative therapy)
  • Sodhana (Purificatory therapy)

Samana Therapy:- There are 3 humours/bio-energies - Vata, Pitta, Kapha - which makes the body constitution and controls the biophysical functions of the body. Curative therapy aims at balancing the vitiated bio-energies using various herbal and mineral medicines and non-medical therapies. 

Sodhana Therapy:- Purificatory therapies are indicated in the cases which vitiation of the bio-energies, goes beyond a particular level give rise to endo-toxins which will be accumulated in various parts of the body in turn cause diseases.

Therapeutic bio-elimination is a group of purification process known as PANCHAKARMAS.

  • Vamanam: Therapeutic emesis for the elimination of vitiated Kapha doshas
  • Virechanam: Therapeutic purgation for vitiated pita doshas
  • Vasti: Medicated retention enema for vitiated Vata doshas especially in various nerve cells.
  • Nasyam: Medication for vitiated Kapha doshas accumulated in head and neck related organs especially the brain and spinal cord.
  • Raktamoksham: Bloodletting to eliminate stagnant impure blood of the region.

All these processes purify the body at cellular level. This micro-level elimination of accumulated vitiated doshas result in an enhancement of metabolic enzymes and cleansing of toxins and thereby the preventive, curative and rejuvenating effects in the body.

Bio-purificatory (panchakarma) therapy has three stages : 

  • PURVA KARMAS:- Pre-operative medication
  • SHODHANA KARMAS:- Elimination therapy
  • PASCHAT KARMAS:- Post elimination care
  • PURVA KARMAS:- Pre-operative preparation for Panchakarmas.

Before each purification therapy, the body has to be processed in a special way by :

  • Snehana:- Oil therapy
  • Swedana:- Sudation therapy

SNEHANA :- External/internal medication with oil/ghee/fat/bone marrow. These may be medicated/non medicated as prescribed by the physician, observing the condition of the patient and the disease. 

External oil therapies are various type of oil applications – massages, percolation treatments, Pooling treatments etc. 

Internal ghee/oil… therapy is done by giving them orally at high doses named as Snehapanam, to saturate the body as a pre-purification process. 

These are also given in moderate doses as curative medication. 
Snehana denature and destroy the chemical bond of the disease-producing vitiated doshas present at the cellular level in the body fluids, which may be in the form of harmful proteins, allergens, unmetabolized or partially metabolized nutrients. 

SWEDANA:- Sudation therapy includes profuse sweating. The modalities used are steam, percolation, bolus massage, poultice and non-thermal modalities like sunbath, covering the body with woollen/leather devices, exercise, hot drinks etc. This therapy helps to dilute, detoxify and dissolve the vitiated doshas in the body fluids and process them ready to separate from the tissue level. 
After these preparation, the given medication for elimination creates a sudden biological change inducing stimulation to increase the tissue fluids and produce a forceful urge for elimination through the guts, for which action it is given for Vamanam, Virechanam, Vasti, Nasyam, Rakthamoksham. 

Sodhana Therapies 

Vamanam:- Therapeutic emesis is conducted in Kapha dominant diseases. The body is saturated with medicated ghee as a pre-purificatory therapy. After the steam bath and other preparation, emetic medicine is administrated orally. The bio-toxic morbid are expelled through vomitus. This therapy is indicated in various types of allergies, bronchial asthma, chronic skin diseases-eczema, psoriasis etc. 

Virechanam:- After the pre-operative preparation of the patient strong purgatives according to the diseases is given orally. 


Vasti Treatment in Ayurveda

Vasti is a treatment by the administration of emulsified herbal oil ghee, polyherbal preparations and other medicaments prescribed, to the large intestine through the anal outlet, by a special device. This therapy act on the enteric nervous system located in the sheets of tissue lining in the large intestine. This, in turn, influences the central nervous system thereby immune system. 


Nasyam in Ayurveda

In this treatment various herbal juice, herbal powders or medicated oils/ghees are administrated through the nose. It is highly effective in treating headaches, paralysis, brain disorders, mental disorders and chronic skin diseases. 

Rakthamoksham:- Morbid blood which causes diseases is eliminated by various methods namely leeching venesection, puncturing etc. 

All these five purification therapies are very effective to eliminate and purify the morbid bio-toxins of the body in the process of curing the disease. 

PASCHAT KARMA — Post elimination care 
This includes : 

  • Alleviative therapy to relieve the stress of the purification process
  • Therapeutic diet and rest to regain strength and vitality.


  • Special non-medical treatments:- fasting, sunbath, exercise, exposure to fresh air, digestives, appetizers, thirst control etc
  • Therapeutic diet and lifestyle
  • Internal and external medication
  • Mild purification measures

These are indicated for children, pregnant women, weak and old aged and when the disease is mild stage. 

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