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Ayurbethaniya’s view of “recovery” is abstinence from alcohol and mood-altering drugs – not substitution of one drug for another. We offer a unique approach of treatment package, which has been shown to be the threshold for significant improvement. As well-known Ayurveda hospital in India, Ayurbethania offer safe and secured service for the patients. We provide natural rehabilitation for the people to create better community in the world.

We are unique as the only private residential rehab clinic in Kerala, India to offer alcohol and drug rehab treatment in a best location of Kerala. Ayurbethaniya’s location guarantees privacy, tranquillity and inspiration during recovery. We offer an escape from chaotic lifestyles, in a setting where patients can really focus on their recovery. 


Domestic and international people can trust as the best de addiction centre in Kerala, India.

Ayurbethaniya’s is a one of the world’s most renowned residential alcohol and drug rehab clinics and the India’s only dedicated addiction treatment clinic with a 24/7 doctor and hospital standards.  

We strongly believe that addiction is an illness and strive to help patients achieve recovery through intensive, personalised programmes that facilitate different steps, provide medical treatment, and utilise psychiatric and complementary therapies.

Our alcohol and drug treatment methods have been carefully constructed by decades of professional and practical experience and are applicable to patients from all walks of life.

If you or a loved one is struggling for the disease of addiction, we welcome you with understanding and open arms.

Our team of addiction professionals works together to integrate appropriate therapies into personalised treatment ways that address each patient’s unique needs. Our excellent treatment offers an intensive bespoke rehab treatment plan for its clients. We understand and believe that confidentiality and anonymity are of the utmost importance and we guarantee complete discretion throughout the assessment and treatment process.

Our team of professionals are expert to provide great care in guiding patients through their treatment experience. Our staff are passionate about their work and we have high staff retention rate – in fact, the majority of our staff have been with us for more years or longer, and some have been through treatment themselves. Many have commented that Ayurbethaniya has a warm and family-like atmosphere, which channels the continuity and purpose of our work.


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