Kerala Special Treatments- Ayurvedic Massages

In Kerala SWEDANA KARMAS:- Sudation treatment modalities are modified to get better results in curative, nutritive, rejuvenative, reproductive and aphrodisiac levels. To attain these we are using special preparations from herbal leaves, porridge with special rice /cereals, milk and milk products; animal products like egg, meat, bone marrow, soup etc from fast running and flying small animals and birds. 
These are : 

ayurveda massages in Kerala

Pizhichil:- This treatment is done by percolating warm medicated oil. Cotton towel is soaked in the warm oil which is to be squeezed with right hand allowing the oil stream constantly through the downward directed thumb. So it is known as “Pizhichil” in the Malayalam language. Pizhichil treats all rheumatic illnesses such as arthritis, paralysis and hemiplegia. It is also used to treat impotence, reduced sexual drive and nervous disorders.

Njavarakizhi:- Njavara is a medicinal rice farmed in Kerala, famous for its nutritious and rejuvenating qualities. The rice is cooked in milk and special decoctions to form thick porridge. This is made into bolus and massage is done with these boluses. To maintain heat, bolus has to be heated in the milk-decoction mixture repeatedly. This therapy is indicated in muscular wasting disorders, paralysis, bone and muscle degenerative diseases, growth retardation and as a rejuvenator.

Takradhara:- Medicated buttermilk is slowly and constantly percolated on the forehead coupled with gentle body massage for about 45 minutes by 2 therapists each day for a duration of 7-21 days. It is indicated in insomnia, mental tension and certain skin disorders.

Ksheeraswedam:- It is a special type of sudation treatment with medicated milk. Milk is boiled to get steam and the steam is allowed to get in contact with face after closing the eyes. Medicated oil is to be applied on the face as a pre-operative procedure. It helps with Bell’s palsy, speech disorders and other nervous disorders that affect the face.

Ayurvedic Massage Treatments 

  • A. Synchronized massage with hands and heavy massage with legs using medicated oils.
  • B. Udwarthanam:- This is a heavy massage to the opposite direction using herbal powders for a prescribed time. It is effective in obesity, Varicose vein etc. This can be done as a weight reduction treatment.
  • C. Massage using Herbal bolus:- Herbal powders, herbal leaves, fruits, cereals, pulses, meat, egg, heat preserving materials etc. are covered with loose clothes to form a bolus. This treatment may be done on the whole body or affected parts, heat is maintained by repeated heating the bolus in oil or decoctions.
  • D. Percolation treatments coupled with gentle massage:- Here we use warm oils, milk, buttermilk or any suitable preparations. Percolation-dhara treatments are done on head, head and body together as well as local areas.
  • E. Pooling treatments:- This is performed by using warm oils, ghees medicated extracts etc. on the affected parts of the body by fixing a special device to pool the liquid medicine without leaking. The treatment is mainly done on head-Sirovasti, Vertebral column, knee joints or any other parts of the body. For the diseases of eyes and ears, these type of pooling is very effective known as Akshi-tarpanam and Karna-pooranam respectively. At the end of these treatments, gentle massage is done except eyes and ears.

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