Ayurvedic Treatment for Parkinson's Disease


Parkinson's disease is a long-term degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that mainly affects the motor system. The disease gradually deteriorates the nerve junctions at the base of the brain and affects muscle control and movements of the body. With this condition, the patient loses control over the body movement and experiences shaking or shivering while moving and at advanced stages causes behavioural and emotional problems. Ayurvedic treatment for Parkinson's disease is the best-recommended treatment methodology to cure this disease. 

Causes of Parkinson's disease

The exact cause of Parkinson's disease is unclear as till date. However genetic factors play a role in the development of the disorder.  The motor symptoms of the disease result from the death of cells in the substantia nigra, a region of the midbrain. This results in not enough dopamine in these areas. Other factors include over-drug usage and exposure to environmental toxins that may trigger the disorder.

Symptoms of Parkinson's disease

According to the principles of Ayurveda, Parkinson's sickness creates due to exacerbation of Vata Dosha in the nerves in the cerebrum. Bothered Vata Dosha can evaporate the nerves with unfriendly effects. The infection ordinarily creates during middle age or mature age. As indicated by Western medicinal perspectives, the loss of dopamine - the nerve transmitter - is one of the causes of the sickness.

Characteristic motor symptoms include the following:


  • Rigidity
  • Tremors
  • Bradykinesia
  • Postural instability
  • Parkinsonian gait


Our Ayurvedic treatment for Parkinson's disease

The disease was comprehensively described by James Parkinson in 1817 (An Essay on the Shaking Palsy). But the review of much early literature of Ayurveda dating back as far as 5000 BC would show that syndrome strikingly similar to Parkinsonism was already known including the treatment with the seeds of a plant containing therapeutic levels of what is today known as levodopa apart from several other preparations.

It is known as “Kampa vata”. According to Ayurveda, most of the diseases of the Vata are essentially the conditions of degenerative diseases of the nervous system. Kampa vata is one such condition caused by the imbalance of Vata. The treatment of ‘kampavata’ consists of both internal and external administration of drugs in different forms aimed to reverse the ‘vata’ imbalance.

Ayurveda was found to be an effective treatment for patients with Parkinson’s disease. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of medicine. It has an integrated approach to the prevention and treatment of illness and tries to maintain or re-establish the harmony between the mind, body, and forces of nature.

According to Ayurveda, massive vitiation of vata, dries up the brain cells leading to tremors and instability, weak digestive fire, indigestion and accumulation of toxins at cellular levels providing a conducive environment. At Ayur Bethaniya Ayurveda Hospital, we believe in eliminating the root cause of any disorder and thereby preventing the reoccurrence of the disease in the body. Our Ayurvedic treatment for Parkinson's disease plan consists of procedures to eliminate toxins from the body, rejuvenate the nervous system and restore the digestive mechanism using a combination of unique herbal formulas. Herbal decoction that aids in proper digestion and removal of bocks in the nervous system rejuvenates the body and improves the blood circulation system. It also brings harmony and balance to the basic principles of the body. Along with the treatment procedure, the doctor also instructs to adopt a few lifestyle modifications with proper diet and regimen to restore the function of the nervous system. This includes replacing junk and unhealthy food with nutritious alternatives that nourish the nervous system

If the patient is already on Allopathic medication, these treatments and medicines can be comfortably combined with them. Our Ayurveda treatment regime proves effective in controlling the side effects of allopathic medications and even in reducing the dosage of allopathic medications. If a patient can come in the initial stages or before starting the allopathic medication, the results are wonderful.

Why choose Ayur Bethaniya for Parkinson's ayurvedic treatment?

At Ayur Bethaniya Ayurveda Hospital, our treatment plans are customized as per the patient's health condition and the program include Ayurvedic massages, nasya, basti and specialized treatments that help in minimizing vata diseases and also aids in the internal cleansing of various body system. The treatment duration depends on the severity of the condition and may range from for 5 to 21 days to create an ideal and balanced internal physical environment for faster healing and recovery. The treatment plan cleanses the areas of toxins and blockages that cause the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Along with the treatment plan, basic yoga is also instructed to minimize vata diseases, rejuvenate and maintain a healthy nervous system and faster healing and recovery.

At Ayur Bethaniya Ayurveda Hospital, we provide safe and effective Ayurvedic treatment for Parkinson's disease that is customized as per individual patient conditions to treat and recover from Parkinson’s disease. We ensure a complete recovery from the symptoms caused by the disease condition by cleansing and rejuvenating the body, mind and soul to feel a better individual. To know more about Parkinson’s disease treatment methods and treatment costs, book an appointment now.


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