De-addiction (Alcohol Addiction Treatment )

Ayur Bethaniya Ayurveda Hospital offers various De-addiction programs to solve the consequences associated with drugs, smoking and alcohol. Ayurveda puts great stress on the vivacity of these de-addiction programs with an eye on the psychological aspect of the addict. Various treatment procedures are included in the de addiction program to help the patient to overcome from addiction consequences.

All treatments procedures are aimed to eliminate the toxins from the body and are categorized into different phases of treatment. This involves Panchakarma and Rasayana therapy as the main treatment procedures throughout the pre-purification, core purification and post purification processes. The de addiction program involves treatment procedures like herbal purification methods, warm oil massages, medicinal enemas and fermented liquid massages throughout the treatment phase.

The Panchakarma and Rasayana therapy helps rejuvenate and regenerate the body and to restore the balance of the doshas. These therapies help remove the accumulated toxins from deep tissue layers and balance and pacify the aggravated dosha in the body. Along with treatment procedures, few diet modifications and lifestyle changes are also incorporated for better results. This includes diet regulations with high fiber contents, rich in protein and low in fats meal plans, daily regimens of physical activity, intake of herbal oral medicines and Ayurveda decoctions, yoga asana for a stress free life. The de-addiction program aims in crafting a new persona through body and mind rejuvenation.

Our de-addiction programs are planned to create a feeling of well being in the patient all the way through the treatment phase and make them realize the side effects of following such addictions. The treatment phase of de addiction program depends on the severity of the condition and the overall mental and physical condition of the affected individual. At Ayur Bethaniya Ayurveda Hospital, we apply different treatment approaches in each patient after considering the emotional and physiological conditions to reduce the urge for addicted items. Our treatment therapies and medication have zero side-effects as they are composed of herbal recovery scheme from addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

Besides the treatment plan, the patient should also have the mind set to come out of the cocoon of addiction. For this, our doctors provide counseling and guidance to accept the reality and to overcome all addiction and negative thoughts for better long-term results. We restore the patient’s body and mind to a mentally and physically healthy position to enjoy a drug/ alcohol and smoke free life.

At Ayur Bethaniya Ayurveda Hospital, we offer de addiction program with high success rate using proven Ayurvedic techniques and herbal medications and yoga for any mild or severe alcohol/drug or smoking addiction. We ensure complete recovery from the addiction and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul to feel a better individual. Along with the best medical infrastructure and medical utilities, we provide treatment services from highly qualified and experienced doctors and staffs for all round care and support to the patients. To know more about de-addiction programs for drug/ alcohol and smoking and treatment cost, book an appointment now.


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